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Red Rancher is a delicate balancing game between scoring points and building up your defenses. In this game you spend your energy to create structures, each which has its own effect on the game, but you also only gain points by feeding that same energy into the depositor (On the right side of the screen). The game ends when your last building is destroyed and your score remains solely as what is already contained in the depositor.


The default controls are W, A, S, D to move Up, Left, Down and Right respectively as well as B to open the build menu and V to deposit energy when in range of the depositor. However, these controls are configurable in-game.

The game has limited controller support, you can use either of the analogue sticks move and the D-pad to traverse the menus. X to interact with objects and Y to build (you can customize these controls in the input tab of the configuration menu).

Use Alt+f4 to quit the game (Or close the window normally if running in windowed mode).

Install instructions

Simply extract the zip file and run the executable.


Red Rancher 13 MB
Red Rancher 32bit 11 MB

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